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How Does SmartLoader Optimize Workday Financial Management Deployments?

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A great piece of business technology will improve a company’s efficiency without cutting corners.

Workday’s Financial Management, with its emphasis on innovation, automation, and adaptability, offers a best-in-class ERP that can improve how your finance department operates. TopBloc’s SmartLoader tool can make the process of deploying Workday Financial Management more transformative, intentional, and strategic.

Improve Your Business While Streamlining Your Workday Financial Management Deployment

SmartLoader allows clients to spend less time on low-value data collection tasks, and more time strategically designing the Workday solution that suits their needs. This means that TopBloc and our clients can spend more time discussing unique business needs, enabling us to advise you on how to best leverage Workday’s unique capabilities to streamline and reimagine your business processes.

So here’s the question for CFOs and other efficiency-minded executives: Why wouldn’t you consider working with a company that has a proven, enhanced technology tool to streamline the Workday deployment process?

The TopBloc Difference: SmartLoader for Financials

When evaluating a Workday Services Partner for your deployment of Workday Financial Management, these are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • What do we want to achieve?
  • What are our pain points?
  • What issues do we hope an enterprise solution will resolve in our current system?
  • Which processes could be reimagined and improved when we transition to Workday?
  • What will our organization look like when we migrate to Workday? 
  • How will Workday change our finance department?

Finding the right Workday deployment partner is important. The best partners will discuss these questions with you and, in the end, attempt to meet all of your goals — re-evaluating your business processes, identifying areas of change, and mapping out an airtight plan for digital transformation that can be implemented without unnecessary delays. Ultimately, you want to choose a partner who is experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and meticulous — but meticulous doesn’t have to mean slow. 

At TopBloc, we value efficiency and innovation. This means our deployment methodology is enhanced by proprietary tools that we have developed to begin meaningful strategic planning discussions sooner by automating menial tasks. We think our tools, such as SmartLoader, make working with us a smart business decision. Let’s explain.

What Is the SmartLoader Process?

SmartLoader is TopBloc’s one-of-a-kind acceleration technology. There’s nothing like it on the market. 

SmartLoader automates data processes, from extraction to validation, to reduce manual processes and lessen the resourcing requirements of Workday deployments. The technology automatically extracts, validates, and loads data from specific legacy systems to your Workday tenant. This means you don’t have to sift through filters and reports to pull the information you need.

What SmartLoader Does
  • Reduce historically manual processes
  • Automatically extracts, validates, and loads data from legacy systems to Workday
What SmartLoader Does Not Do
  • Cut corners
  • Skip important steps 
  • Replace advisory support or strategic discussions

Fast Forward to the Most Meaningful Discussions Using SmartLoader 

But how does SmartLoader improve Financial Management deployments? SmartLoader allows us to collaborate sooner in your deployment process because you can see your financial data in your new Workday tenant earlier. This means that your team and ours can visualize how Workday can influence your company’s unique needs sooner, iterate on your tenant, and create a solution that transforms your organization. 

Automating the data extraction process with SmartLoader means that you and your employees don’t have to spend hours combing through information. Instead, we can use that time to answer your questions and show you exactly how the digital transformation process works. SmartLoader helps expedite menial tasks so that we can talk about the important strategic work. 

Here’s How It Works

At the start of your deployment, SmartLoader allows us to import data into Workday through automation, which helps with accuracy and completeness. This means that all financial master data including transactional data, general ledger (GL) history, invoices, and more are populated into your Workday tenant upfront. This allows us to deliver, react to, and iterate on the full picture solution sooner by providing an initial view of how your unique architecture might look within Workday. This informs more detailed and strategic discussions as we work together to configure and tailor the platform. 

With the data uploaded in your Workday tenant, we are able to spend more time carefully reviewing your company’s data landscape and internal financial architecture. This is important because we’re starting with your information — not hypothetical data. Discovery sessions become more valuable because we have context and can see firsthand the transformation of your accounting processes. 

Toward the end of your deployment, SmartLoader is leveraged again to enhance testing processes. Our consultants use SmartLoader to perform a reconciliation that compares your legacy system to your new Workday system. SmartLoader runs reports to catch common errors such as missing required data and duplications while correcting workbook formatting and removing blank rows. The tool’s financial audit feature checks balances against input legacy balances of client accounts to ensure the accuracy of information imported into the new Workday system.

Some other benefits include:

  • Less risk. By automating data processes, we eliminate the possibility of human error as data is transferred from your legacy system to Workday. 
  • Expedited timelines. Automation also allows us to spend less time on menial tasks. This means we can spend more time collaborating on how to make the transition to Workday a strategic shift in the way your organization does business. Oftentimes, even with the additional time we spend holding strategic sessions, our clients see their Workday solutions deployed faster.
  • Meaningful savings. Expediting timelines means that TopBloc is able to pass back savings to our clients, reducing their overall deployment costs.

Ready to Learn More About SmartLoader?

If you have questions about SmartLoader for Financial Management or would like more information, connect with TopBloc to learn more about how to make Workday work for you.