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Payroll Year End

Are You Ready for Payroll Year End?

It is that time of year again, payroll year-end processing is upon us! As part of our efforts to prepare all of our clients for a successful year-end, TopBloc has gathered several resources to assist throughout the process. Read on below for our tips on how to complete your year-end process with ease and confidence.

Preparing for Payroll Year End

This on-demand webinar presents the first of TopBloc’s four-part series about preparing for payroll year-end using Workday. This session covers the best practices of how to prepare and organize your process to ensure all activities are completed accurately and on time.

Year-End Configuration & Auditing

The second of our payroll year-end preparation series, this webinar replay provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete the processes involved in year-end configuration and auditing.

Processing Year End

In this on-demand webinar, TopBloc’s expert team explains how to process payroll year-end, including how to make corrections to W-2s.

Year-End Absence & Time Tracking Considerations

The final installment of TopBloc’s on-demand payroll year-end webinar focuses on the interconnection between payroll year-end and Workday’s Absence and Time Tracking modules.

Any More Payroll Year-End Questions?

Watch the following two on-demand webinars that address some of the frequently asked questions about payroll year-end.

More Payroll Expertise

TopBloc’s team has prepared a Payroll Year-End Maintenance Guide and Checklist to help Workday users better prepare for year-end. Follow the link below to receive your copy of our curated materials!