How to Phase Your Workday Deployment

In this eBook, TopBloc explains how to approach roadmapping your Workday HCM & Payroll deployment and why phasing your project may enable your organization to reach your goals faster.

Completing an enterprise-wide digital transformation requires preparation. In addition to choosing the right technology to serve your organization, you also need to evaluate if your team has the resources and manpower necessary to oversee the process and execute the associated tasks.

In this eBook, TopBloc describes how, through phasing, a company can break down a company-wide strategic digital overhaul into several steps to build a manageable roadmap that allows the organization to move towards its end goal without overextending its employees.

While this eBook focuses on phasing as it relates to deployments of Workday Human Capital Management, this process is just as applicable and important for Workday Financial Management deployments.