Webinar Replay: Common Payroll Challenges & How to Address Them

Watch the replay of TopBloc's discussion with Safeguard Global about the challenges of global payroll!

In this 45-minute webinar from April 26, 2023, TopBloc and Safeguard Global discuss some of the most common challenges global organizations face when configuring and managing their payroll processes.

TopBloc’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Christopher Ford, is joined by Safeguard Global’s Executive Vice President of Alliances, Neil Carpenter, to speak about some of the most common challenges in navigating global payroll today. Christopher and Neil both have over 20 years of Global Payroll experience, having held leadership roles at organizations across geographies and industries. In this webinar, both share their perspectives on how to address inefficiencies that arise when managing payroll across countries while diving into solutions that can transform the process.

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