Bloc Party for Year End: Time-Tracking & Absence Considerations

Download and watch the replay of the last day of TopBloc's Bloc Party for Year End series on-demand!

Day 4: Year End Time-Tracking & Absence Considerations

TopBloc’s October 2022 Bloc Party was centered around Payroll Year End. Led by the Help Desk AMS team, the event provided attendees with tips for methodically managing the process within their Workday system. For our final session, we covered year end time-tracking and absence processes. We shared:

  • Administrative tasks to complete to ensure your Workday system avoids outages or complications in the new year, including demonstrations of how to extend scheduled processes, alerts, and period schedules
  • How to update your organization’s holiday calendar
  • The importance of reviewing and updating reports and business processes

If you have any questions or are interested in receiving additional support related to your organization’s Payroll Year End, please contact TopBloc or email us.

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