SmartLoader Features & Capabilities

SmartLoader for Human Capital Management

Features Designed to Streamline Human Capital Management Deployments

In addition to features designed to ease the general requirements of Workday deployment, SmartLoader is also configured with unique capabilities to support specific Workday application setups, streamline processes, and optimize solutions.

Integrations with Common Legacy Systems

Over the years, TopBloc has noticed that many of our clients migrate to Workday from the same systems. For Human Capital Management, we developed our SmartLoader to automate data extraction from ADP and UKG Pro™ (formerly UltiPro®).

With SmartLoader, data related to human resources and benefits processes is exported and transformed directly from ADP and UKG Pro™ systems and reports into pre-populated workbooks for load into Workday.

Data Validation Streamlines Identification of Possible Errors & Issues

SmartLoader automates data validation to enable quicker verification and review of workbooks. Rather than relying upon your team to cross-check spreadsheets manually, SmartLoader for Human Capital Management includes features that allow for errors and inconsistencies to be identified automatically. The tool runs reports to identify issues such as missing data and duplications, while correcting workbook formatting and removing blank rows. Specific checks include:

  • Position start date & compensation effective dates are not before the hire date
  • Compensation element amount is reasonable for the employee’s pay rate type
  • Supervisory organization structure has at least one top-level organization
  • More than one spouse per employee
  • End employment date is populated for employee types that are fixed term
  • Primary percentages and contingent percentages add up to 100%
  • Duplicate SSNs for dependents & beneficiaries
  • Benefit plans where the dates don’t align
  • Beneficiary or dependent on a benefit plan is attached to the employee
  • HSA plan is tied to a medical plan
  • Spouse life or child life plan has the correct dependent attached
  • And more

TopBloc Human Capital Management Configuration Recipes

In addition to the standard configurations delivered by Workday, SmartLoader includes pre-loaded foundational setup suggestions. These preset upload configurations contain TopBloc’s recommendation for best practice setup to guide your team through an optimized Workday deployment.

For Human Capital Management, this includes TopBloc’s recommended security framework, best practice job application business process, and more.

Custom Reports to Assist in Analyzing Your Human Capital Management Processes

SmartLoader contains several features designed to assist your team in managing your Workday system once it goes live. This includes numerous custom reports and dashboards for Benefits, Recruiting, Absence, Learning, Payroll, and Talent to help system administrators analyze business processes. For instance, SmartLoader’s Benefits audit reports provide insight into benefit census data, open enrollment elections across its various stages, and enrollment counts, while the Benefits Admin Dashboard provides access to admin-related reports and tasks in one place.

Additionally, SmartLoader offers pre-configured guided tours and templates for common Workday Human Capital Management processes, such as a job change or termination, posting a job opening, conducting a talent review, and more.

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SmartLoader enables clients to deploy Workday solutions more efficiently without sacrificing quality. Learn more about how TopBloc leverages SmartLoader to expedite your Workday deployment.