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Offering more than just Workday support, our Help Desk team specializes in assisting organizations in managing and optimizing their Workday solutions. We will work with your team on anything from minor configuration changes to updates of the most complex studio integrations to introduce new functionality to your organization. From answering how-to questions to creating new reports and custom dashboards to resolving urgent tickets, TopBloc’s Help Desk provides resources and expertise to enhance your Workday experience

Maximize the Value Workday Brings to Your Organization

TopBloc does Workday support differently. Our packages are designed for the well-being of our customers. Flexible plans, adaptable to your organization, make choosing TopBloc’s Help Desk a no-brainer. Supplement your organization’s Workday expertise with our knowledgeable team whose goal is to guarantee you have the tools you need to operate optimally.

Stop Counting Hours, Start Seeing Solutions

While other firms offer customers a fixed amount of support hours each month, TopBloc has developed a unique ticketing solution that allows clients to break free from tracking hours.

With TopBloc’s Help Desk, clients submit tickets for any item they wish to seek guidance on. Tickets are unlimited, so customers can submit as many as required and choose which should be acted upon first. This allows you to prioritize your needs and ensures that we are always working on the issues most important to your organization.

By eliminating time tracking, our customers receive peace of mind knowing their issues will be resolved regardless of how many hours it may require. No more waiting for solutions on half-fixed problems until next month.

Support Tailored to Your Needs

TopBloc offers a flexible 3-tiered Help Desk delivery package, with Bronze, Silver & Gold support options. Regardless of tier, all packages offer our clients unlimited ticket submission and differ only in the number of tickets actively worked at any given time.

Clients have the flexibility to scale support levels up or down as needed and as often as desired. Tier up to Gold when you anticipate requiring higher levels of support, and tier down to Bronze when your team no longer requires as much supplementary guidance.

Exceptional Flexibility with Month-to-Month Contracts

With no long-term contracts, TopBloc’s Help Desk offers customers unparalleled flexibility in their support packages. Our goal is to provide clients with the support they need when they need it.

Our approach allows clients to easily navigate between high-touch and low-touch support structures based on their needs without locking them into a rigid year-long contract. We are confident that our exceptional service will lead clients to consistently choose TopBloc as an ongoing Workday support partner.


Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions about TopBloc and our Help Desk services. Don’t see your specific question here? Email our team and we will be happy to discuss your inquiry in further detail.

How is TopBloc’s Help Desk service different from the application managed services of competitors?

While other firms coordinate their support services to offer customers a fixed amount of hours each month, TopBloc’s Help Desk offers a ticket-based model in which clients submit tickets for any item they wish to seek guidance on. Tickets are unlimited, so customers can submit as many as required and choose the priority of which should be acted upon first. This means that TopBloc’s model enables clients to make the most of their support services without worrying about the amount of time remaining on their support contract within any given month.

Additionally, every Help Desk client benefits from a dedicated Client Partner at TopBloc. This named service team member meets with the client regularly to assist with strategic thought partnership surrounding how to make the most of their Help Desk subscription and optimize their Workday system. 

How does TopBloc’s fixed-fee ticketing model differ from the traditional time and materials structure?

Our fixed-fee model was designed to alleviate the stress of our clients. While many traditional application managed services offer a time-based structure where clients receive a specific amount of hours per month, TopBloc’s Help Desk enables clients to resolve their issues without worrying about how much time any given task will require to resolve. By eliminating time tracking, our customers receive peace of mind knowing their issues will be resolved regardless of how many hours it may require. No more waiting for solutions on half-fixed problems until next month.

How flexible are TopBloc’s Help Desk month-to-month contracts really?

Our flexibility is unparalleled within the ecosystem. Help Desk offers several tiers of service so that our clients can choose the level of support they desire. Not only that, but clients can scale their service up and down at any time. From one month to the next, clients can right-size the support they receive to the support that they need by changing service tiers, pausing, or even canceling their subscription. We’re confident that the quality of services we provide will continue to foster long-lasting relationships with our clients.

What are the different service tiers offered for TopBloc’s Help Desk?

TopBloc offers Gold, Silver, and Bronze service tiers, which dictate the number of tickets worked concurrently for our customers. For specific information on our services and what is included in each tier’s package, contact our team.

Where is TopBloc’s Help Desk located?

TopBloc’s Help Desk is based within our Chicago offices, with satellite employees operating throughout the USA to assist clients globally. Despite the name, Help Desk is not a call center; it is an application management service that enables TopBloc’s clients to continually optimize and refine their Workday systems as their business needs evolve and grow.

What happens if I run out of tickets but have an urgent issue I need assistance with?

For “urgent” issues, TopBloc will always work with our clients to resolve these challenges as soon as possible. Urgent tickets do not count towards the open ticket maximums within any tier of Help Desk service.

Regardless of urgency, our clients have no restrictions on the number of tickets that can be submitted. While we cap the number of active tickets a client may have open at any given time, TopBloc always allows our clients to reprioritize their open tickets to focus on what is most important.

Is TopBloc’s Help Desk able to work on Phase X deployments?

While TopBloc proudly offers Phase X services, this business is run separately from our Help Desk. Our Help Desk team aims to be flexible and assist your organization with a wide variety of projects, but there are some that fall outside the purview of Help Desk and are better suited for our Phase X team. These include new integrations, deployments of new SKUs, and work related to mergers and acquisitions. If you are interested in TopBloc’s Phase X services, contact our sales team to learn more about how to get started.

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