Workday Deployments

Fixed-Time, Fixed-Price Workday Deployment Services

TopBloc delivers our customers tailored solutions by combining our unique technology-backed approach with demonstrable industry expertise. We are proud to be recognized as one of the leading Workday Services Providers since 2018.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

TopBloc’s deployment methodology leverages technology to increase automation and lessen the resourcing requirements of Workday deployments.

Lessen Menial Tasks

By automating processes with our SmartLoader tool, we make it possible for your team to focus on high-value configuration activities by minimizing clerical tasks.

Streamline Manual Processes

SmartLoader allows your team to move faster by streamlining the data extraction, migration, verification, and import processes inherent in Workday deployments.

Deliver Accelerated Results

TopBloc offers the fastest deployment speeds in the industry. Expedite your Workday journey by partnering with TopBloc.

Human Capital Management

Partner with TopBloc to efficiently deploy a tailored Workday HCM solution designed to enhance your operations. Let our experts guide you through choosing the capabilities that best suit your organization’s needs and maximize your human resources. Rather than simply migrating your old system directly to Workday, our team works with you to transform your business, automating your processes to make them more dynamic, efficient, and scalable.

Financial Management

Partner with TopBloc to transform your finance and accounting systems to optimize your business. We will work with you to analyze your current accounting architecture, facilitate meaningful design discussions, and provide prescriptive recommendations. With CPAs accounting for over one-third of our consultants, you can trust TopBloc to provide insights born from comprehensive product expertise, professional qualifications, and years of industry expertise.

Payroll Management

Work with TopBloc to deploy a payroll management system tailored to your organization’s needs. Our team will guide you through configuring a Workday payroll solution to provide flexible and efficient payroll processing.

Adaptive Planning

At TopBloc, we understand that flexible and coordinated planning solutions drive better business results. Partner with us to set up the budgeting, forecasting, and reporting platform that provides your team the flexibility to adapt to any changes your organization may encounter. Allow TopBloc to guide you to a Workday Adaptive Planning solution that enables your team to deliver comprehensive, data-based predictions of the business needs across your organization.

Change Management

Accelerate the adoption of your Workday solution with TopBloc’s Change Management services. Our Change Management specialists will support your team throughout the transition to Workday by preparing users with the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to complete tasks in the new system. We focus on end-user education to ensure your deployment leads to sustained change toward optimizing your business.

Need Post-Deployment Workday Support?

Whether your company has just gone live on Workday or if you have been on the platform for years, TopBloc offers flexible, on-demand support services to help our customers optimize operations and continue to derive value from their Workday investment.

Secondary Deployments

Whether you are looking to deploy new Workday functionality or integrations, need support to manage an acquisition or divestiture, or have another optimization project in mind. TopBloc will guide you through the value of expanding your organization’s suite of Workday applications with any roadmap plans.


Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions about TopBloc and our Workday deployment services. Don’t see your specific question here? Email our team and we will be happy to discuss your inquiry in further detail.

What should I expect from a Workday deployment with TopBloc?

Our goal is to make the transition to Workday as easy for our clients as possible. We seek to make the process enjoyable by automating what have been historically clerical and resource-intensive processes, such as data transformation and validation. This enables us to work together to craft improvements and efficiencies for your business – not spend long hours poring over spreadsheets. 

How does TopBloc’s deployment service compare to other Workday service partners?

TopBloc is unique within the Workday ecosystem because of our technology-based approach. Our SmartLoader tool makes the migration to Workday less resource-intensive, faster, and, ultimately, less expensive for our clients.

What is SmartLoader?

SmartLoader is TopBloc’s one-of-a-kind acceleration technology. It automates data processes to reduce historically manual processes and lessen the resourcing requirements of Workday deploymentsi. SmartLoader makes the migration to Workday faster and, ultimately, less expensive for our clients. Specifically, SmartLoader streamlines the data extraction, migration, verification, and import processes inherent in Workday deployment process. SmartLoader enables clients to deploy their tailored Workday solutions more efficiently without sacrificing quality, resulting in faster timelines, less risk, and reduced resourcing requirements. 

How long do Workday deployment take?

There are a variety of factors that determine the length of a Workday deployment, such as the functional breadth (Workday modules in scope), the number of business units or countries, and the inclusion of any variations from standard business practices. TopBloc is the industry leader in time-to-value for Workday deployments, offering the fastest timelines in the ecosystem due to efficiencies gained from our SmartLoader tool. If you are interested to understand how long your specific deployment will take, speak with our team and we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate.

What does it mean that TopBloc’s services are “fixed-time, fixed-fee”?

TopBloc’s contracts provide an upfront cost for our services based on our best estimate of what will be required for the scope of work included in the proposal. TopBloc aims to provide our clients with clarity on the total cost of their engagement with us at the beginning of our partnership. 

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