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Payroll Managed Services

Whether you are looking for guidance throughout the pay period or to fully outsource payroll processing, trust TopBloc to ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time, every time.

Offload Your In-Tenant Payroll Processing Responsibilities to TopBloc

From inputting payroll to settlement and processing, our team can guide you through the process or run it for you, allowing you to be as involved or hands-off as desired.

Services include facilitating input and adjustments, calculations, auditing and verification, payroll completion, settlement, tax processing, retro processing, off-cycle processing, and more.

Identify Discrepancies with Auditing Support & Analysis

Rest easy knowing that TopBloc verifies your data to identify discrepancies before it’s too late. We will review the audit results and provide you with the cause of each audit result — along with our recommendations for how to handle — all prior to completing payroll so you can make informed decisions on when adjustments are necessary.

Prepare for Year-end with Quarterly Reviews

At the end of each quarter, TopBloc will review your Workday payroll tenant for items that may impact your quarter tax filing or cause additional work at year-end. We will notify you of any items that require your attention.

Additionally, TopBloc will guide you through the year-end process in Workday. We’ll assist with audits and adjustments to ensure that W-2s are issued accurately and timely. For ADP clients, we will also work with you directly to ensure successful receipt and processing of W-2 data once it leaves Workday.

Comprehensive End-To-End Processing in Partnership with ADP

As a Workday Services Partner and an authorized reseller of ADP SmartCompliance® products and services, TopBloc enables our clients to experience a one-stop-shop for all payroll needs from payroll input to direct deposit fulfillment. With ADP’s robust technologies and infrastructure backed by TopBloc’s Workday expertise, your organization’s payroll will be set up for success.


Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions about TopBloc and our Payroll Managed Services. Don’t see your specific question here? Email our team and we will be happy to discuss your inquiry in further detail.

How flexible are TopBloc’s Payroll Managed Services month-to-month contracts really?

Our flexibility is unparalleled within the ecosystem. TopBloc’s Payroll Managed Services offers several tiers of service so that our clients can choose the level of support they desire. Not only that, but clients can scale their service up and down at any time. From one month to the next, clients can right-size the support they receive to the support that they need by changing service tiers, pausing, or even canceling their subscription. We’re confident that the quality of services we provide will continue to foster long-lasting relationships with our clients.

What are the different service tiers offered for TopBloc’s Payroll Managed Services?

TopBloc offers three unique service tiers: Payroll Administration & Advisory, Standard Managed Payroll, and Premium Managed Payroll. For specific information on our services and what is included in each tier’s package, contact our team.

How does TopBloc’s Payroll Managed Services differ from other similar services?

Our offerings are unique in their flexibility and our fixed-fee approach, which we have adopted in order to maximize the value our clients receive from this service. With our people-first approach, each client that receives our Payroll Managed Services offerings works with an assigned TopBloc payroll specialist who is responsible for partnering with their in-house payroll team to answer questions and provide support throughout the entire payroll process. Our specialists help navigate the Workday payroll functionality, educate our clients about payroll best practices, and troubleshoot issues that arise during the payroll process.

In addition, TopBloc is also an authorized reseller of ADP Compliance Solutions products and services. As a partner of both Workday and ADP, TopBloc is uniquely able to offer comprehensive end-to-end payroll processing support. As such, TopBloc enables our clients to experience a one-stop shop for all payroll needs from payroll input to direct deposit fulfillment. With ADP’s robust technologies and infrastructure backed by TopBloc’s Workday expertise, your organization’s payroll will be set up for success.

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Become a Payroll Expert with AuditPro

TopBloc is committed to continually improving our methodology and technology to offer our customers the best of what Workday has to offer. AuditPro is our latest tool designed to further this purpose.

AuditPro is a powerful dashboard that leverages automation to review your organization’s payroll data and provide a holistic view of payroll health. The intuitive software enables even the most novice payroll professional to conduct expert-level analysis.

All clients working with TopBloc to manage their payroll gain access to AuditPro to quickly gain insights into how effectively their payroll is operating.

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