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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prepare for Your Workday Deployment

Workday Best Practices
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Just signed a contract to deploy Workday and not sure what your next steps should be? Are you thinking about a deployment and want to get a head start? TopBloc has you covered!

We want to help you maximize the value of your Workday investment, so we’ve outlined the top 5 project prep tips to help you better prepare for your upcoming deployment. No matter where you are in your Workday journey, TopBloc is here to assist you! Contact us to learn how:

1. Gather Project Documents

Start to compile policy documents related to your business into a central location so that they can be easily referenced during discovery and design meetings. A keen understanding of your policies will inform how your new Workday system will be configured and having all relevant information easily accessible will ensure nothing is overlooked during discovery. For example: Benefits Policies, Time Off and Absence Policies

2. Contact Current Vendors

Contact vendors to inform them of your organization’s move away from their system. Also, be sure to inform your legacy system provider if Workday will bes ending the data previously received from another HCM system.

3. Select Your Team

Align internally to determine all the appropriate stakeholders from your organization that should be involved with your Workday deployment. Assign ownership of different tasks to specific individuals and take the time upfront to agree on the goals of your deployment project ahead of time. This will ensure team members involved have the proper bandwidth to execute the project.

4. Cleanup Your Existing Data

If there is outdated or incorrect information in your current system, cleaning up the data now instead of migrating it over to your new system will allow you to maximize resources during implementation.

5. Attend Workday Training

Set aside time to take Workday training to begin understanding Workday and be better prepared for the implementation ahead.

Do you have any additional questions?

If you have questions about your Workday Deployment or would like more information, connect with TopBloc to learn more about how to make Workday work for you.

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