Workday Deployment Services

Change Management

Accelerate the Adoption of Your Workday System

With our Change Management service, TopBloc supports your team throughout the transition to Workday by preparing them with the tools and information they need to effectively adopt the platform. We focus on end-user education to ensure your team understands how to operate your new Workday system to optimize results.

6x More Likely to Produce Sustained Results

If your goal is to produce transformational results with Workday, invest in Change Management. It aims to help ready your team for your new Workday solution, to support your people, and to produce sustained results.

Through guided and tailored planning, Change Management allows your team to achieve higher end-user adoption and satisfaction by addressing user preparedness and resistance to change throughout the deployment process. By planning for and addressing these challenges upfront, you will avoid unnecessary re-work later — saving you time and money.

A People-First Approach

TopBloc’s Change Management is tailored to your organization’s culture. Through training and consistent communication, TopBloc guides the end-users on your team toward a greater understanding of Workday. We equip you with the knowledge of why certain processes are in place and how to complete the day-to-day tasks that are required in order to keep the platform operating at its best.

We focus on the individual journey. Our people-first approach ensures that we are communicating to the right people, at the right time, and surfacing resistance. Through a series of readiness assessments, we engage end-users throughout the deployment process to expose and address any potential learning gaps or adoption resistance.

Continuing Workday Support

Once Workday is implemented, we remain involved to assist in sustaining the change that has been implemented. TopBloc continues to be a resource for your team by providing continual reviews of your organization’s processes and training materials and sharing updates related to Workday’s bi-annual new releases.

Ready to Accelerate Your Deployment with Change Management?

TopBloc’s team will work with you to ensure that each of your end-users is empowered with the confidence to operate your business within your new Workday system.

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Already using a Workday system and looking for post-deployment support? Learn how TopBloc can provide supplemental capacity and expertise to help your organization manage your Workday suite of applications.

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