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What is AuditPro?

AuditPro is the first-of-its-kind, Workday-compatible payroll assessment tool designed to allow payroll professionals to quickly gain insight into their organization’s payroll health, identify issues, and collaboratively resolve discrepancies.

A Better Way to Complete Your Payroll Process

TopBloc is committed to continually improving our methodology and technology to offer our customers the best of what Workday has to offer. AuditPro is our latest tool designed to further this purpose.

AuditPro makes verifying payroll simple. The intuitive software enables even the most novice payroll professional to conduct expert-level analysis and quickly gain insights into how effectively their organization’s payroll is operating.

Complete Payroll Validation Faster & More Efficiently

At the crux of the tool is the unified payroll dashboard. This personalizable dashboard, preset with over 20 filters for common payroll issues, provides a holistic view of payroll health.

This is all possible because AuditPro runs dozens of payroll reports on your data to check for common payroll pitfalls. This means your team can spend less time pulling reports each pay cycle and more time conducting thorough analyses to ensure your payroll is accurate.

Gain Insights & Collaborate Within One Unified Workspace

Payroll issues such as missing pay groups, duplicate pay codes, and material changes in pay, are automatically identified and tallied, alerting your payroll team that action is required. These all display within the AuditPro dashboard so that insights about payroll health can be understood at a glance.

Your team can then address those potential problems with the click of a button. Use the filtering functionality to view all employees impacted by the issue at hand, review their line-by-line paystubs, leave comments to explain discrepancies, and navigate back to Workday to complete any necessary changes to resolve the problem.

Ready to Get Started?

AuditPro enables clients to gain insights into how effectively their Workday Payroll solutions are operating. Learn more about how TopBloc leverages AuditPro to deliver effective Payroll Managed Services to our customers.