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Personalize Your Payroll Management with TopBloc

Improve how your team operates with personalized Workday Payroll solutions from TopBloc. Our team of qualified experts will guide you through how to configure your Payroll Management system to best suit your workforce.

Deploy Payroll & Optimize Your Processes

At TopBloc, we believe Workday deployments should be catalysts for businesses to evaluate their current processes and strengthen them. Rather than simply migrating your old system to Workday, our team will partner with you to identify areas of improvement while we work together to develop a simple-to-audit payroll system that enables your organization to process payroll faster and easier.

The SmartLoader Difference

TopBloc’s payroll process is unique because of our SmartLoader tool. SmartLoader enables processes to be completed within one day that would otherwise take weeks to accomplish.

Through intelligent automation, SmartLoader can import employee payroll data, payroll process information, and historical payroll data from your legacy payroll system to Workday, saving your team many days worth of manual data entry and verification. This means your team can go live on Workday sooner and experience fewer frustrations on your journey there.

Superior Automated Parallel Testing

Any migration to a new payroll system requires parallel testing. Typically, parallel testing requires hours of manual analysis of spreadsheets to identify errors between the old payroll system and the new payroll software. TopBloc simplifies and expedites this process.

With SmartLoader, TopBloc can automatically generate a comparison report that identifies any issues between your legacy system and your new Workday payroll before your new software goes live. This automated reconciliation of the net pay of both your new and legacy payroll systems transforms a testing process that has historically been a cumbersome undertaking into something that you can complete with ease.

Ready to Replace Your Payroll Management System with Workday?

TopBloc can help. Our team is prepared to help you architect a new payroll management system that enables your team to move fast and efficiently.

Seeking Workday Support?

Already using a Workday system and looking for support? Learn how TopBloc can provide supplemental capacity and expertise to help your organization manage your Workday suite of applications.

Ready to Get Started?

TopBloc provides Workday deployment services and flexible, on-demand Workday support. Allow our expert team to show you how Workday can work for you.