Our Team

Our Mission

TopBloc seeks to help our customers improve and sustain their businesses with Workday. Our innovative and technology-based methodology is designed to reduce timelines and eliminate inefficiencies. We aim to make the Workday deployment process easier and more enjoyable, while advising our clients on how to optimize their Workday solution to see transformational results.

Make Workday Work for You

TopBloc works with you to analyze your current enterprise architecture, facilitate meaningful design discussions, and provide a prescriptive recommendation.

Rather than simply migrating your old system directly to Workday, our team works with you to transform your business, automating your processes to make them more dynamic, efficient, and scalable. Our methodology reduces timelines and eliminates inefficiencies, enabling you to focus on your business while you gain immediate value from your new Workday platform.

The TopBloc Difference

Our team is 100% focused on full-platform, lifecycle support of Workday solutions. We are known for:

  • Innovative, technology-driven methodology
  • Industry-leading deployment speed
  • Competitive fixed-time, fixed-fee pricing
  • Best-in-class advisory services led by consultants with comprehensive expertise

Christopher Skinner

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Skinner is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of TopBloc. Since the company’s founding in 2016, he has overseen TopBloc’s hyper-growth from an industry disruptor to its current leading position in the Workday

Medium Enterprise space. Christopher’s relationship-first approach to employee and customer management has helped solidify the foundation TopBloc has used to embrace risk and expansion. Christopher has significant Workday experience, having led over 100 Workday project efforts as a sponsor, project manager, and global systems architect and integrations developer. Prior to founding TopBloc, he spearheaded Workday’s first efforts to standardize and streamline global third-party payroll integration deployments while working at Meteorix, a former Workday partner later acquired by IBM. At Meteorix, Christopher created and led Meteorix’s integration training program; he is proud that many of his former employees have continued their careers into leadership positions throughout the Workday ecosystem. Christopher holds a bachelor of liberal arts in finance and psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Kevin Elmore

Chairman & Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Elmore, TopBloc’s co-founder, CFO, and Executive Chairman, has over 30 years of experience managing and building consulting and software businesses. He has proven success in identifying business opportunities

, developing strategic plans, raising capital, assembling effective teams, and executing to deliver bottom-line results. Kevin brings significant expertise to the TopBloc team, having participated in over 150 Workday deployments since 2008. For more than a decade, he has focused exclusively on Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financials business transformation efforts leveraging Workday’s software product suite. Kevin has led several of the largest and most successful Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) implementations, including Hewlett-Packard, Motorola Mobility, Medtronic, CareFusion, and Johnson Controls. He helped pioneer the Financials product line, leading implementations at CSAA and at TripAdvisor, one of Workday’s first publicly traded Financials customers. Additionally, he has worked collaboratively with the Workday leadership team to devise a pragmatic and effective methodology for delivering enterprise SaaS across multiple industries. Kevin started his career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) serving clients in the Telecommunications sector. Prior to founding TopBloc, he founded two other companies: Cygent, a venture-backed developer of customer and order management software for the telecommunications industry, and Aggressor, a boutique consulting company that rapidly became Workday’s leading implementation partner and was acquired by Deloitte Consulting as the foundation of their Workday practice in 2012. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Kansas State University.

Michael Key

Partner, HCM Practice Leader

Michael Key is one of TopBloc’s founding partners and the company’s HCM practice leader. He has over 15 years of experience managing teams and driving businesses to achieve great heights by setting aggressive goals

and consistently surpassing them. For the greater part of the last decade, Michael has focused exclusively on assisting clients with HCM and Financials business transformation efforts leveraging Workday’s software product suite. Michael has participated in over 100 Workday deployments. He initially joined the Workday ecosystem as an HCM consultant and has participated in some of the most successful Workday HCM implementations, including McKesson Specialty Health, Hexcel, Eaton Vance, ATS, and Accudyne. In 2012, he joined Meteorix LLC, a boutique consulting company that became Workday’s leading Medium Enterprise implementation partner. Meteorix LLC was acquired by IBM as a key addition to their Workday practice in 2015. Michael was a practice director at Meteorix and was instrumental in its growth, success, and ultimate acquisition. He is a trusted advisor to Workday and has helped to shape the product in key ways based on his extensive delivery experience. He has been a featured presenter at the annual Workday consulting conference, Workday Altitude, and has been a champion of the product across the globe. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in bioengineering from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Jonathon Marsico

Partner, Help Desk & Managed Services Practice Leader

Jonathon Marsico is one of TopBloc’s founding partners and the company’s Help Desk and Payroll Managed Services practice leader

Jonathon has been involved in the Workday ecosystem for over eight years. As a dedicated and determined Workday practitioner, he has participated in Workday projects with over 40 customers through which he has developed deep expertise across both HCM and Financial software. He has lead project work-streams in both the net new deployment and post-production support space. Prior to overseeing TopBloc’s post-production support service functions, Jonathan served as TopBloc’s Senior Vice President of Sales where he focused on streamlining approaches to selling net new and post-production support services to Workday customers. Through his efforts, TopBloc grew to become one of the leading Workday services providers in the ecosystem. Jonathon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa.

John Xue

Partner, Financial Practice Leader

John Xue is a partner and one of the founding members of TopBloc. He is an active member of the management team responsible for running and scaling the organization to its current leading position in the Workday ecosystem

John leads TopBloc’s Financials practice. With over a decade of experience assisting and advising customers on their technology transformation journeys, John partners with customer executives to ensure their investments in technology meets their organization’s goals. John specializes in financial services and asset management, where he has implemented Workday across many industries and customer sizes.

Jeffrey Herman

Partner, Staffing Practice Leader

Jeffrey Herman is a one of TopBloc’s co-founders. He heads up the company’s recruiting and staffing and is heavily involved in sales directly with Workday

Jeffrey has over 15 years of professional experience across multiple industries, including accounting, financial markets, and software consulting. He started his career as an accountant before transitioning into the financials markets as a bond trader before ultimately moving onto Workday consulting. He has worked within the Workday ecosystem for over eight years, where he has focused primarily on HCM. Prior to founding TopBloc, Jeffrey co-led the functional HCM team at Meteorix (now IBM), ensuring quality assurance and on-time deployments. In all, he has participated in over 100 Workday deployments as a consultant, delivery assurance lead, project manager, and executive sponsor. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from the University of Illinois.

Brett Pronin

Chief Revenue Officer

Brett Pronin has nearly two decades of sales experience across a variety of services and SaaS technology companies. Over the last six years, he has focused exclusively on

Workday’s software product suite, helping to introduce new companies to the business efficiencies they can achieve through implementing their financial management and HCM systems with the leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. As TopBloc’s Chief Revenue Officer, Brett is responsible for overseeing the company’s business development, sales, partnerships, customer success, and marketing departments. Prior to joining TopBloc, Brett worked as an Enterprise Account Executive at Workday, where he was twice recognized as an Account Executive of the Year regionally, and once globally. As a veteran of the Workday ecosystem, Brett is passionate about working with clients to identify their organization’s unique challenges and introduce solutions that leverage Workday’s suite of offerings.

Chelsea McCabe

Senior Vice President, Delivery

Chelsea McCabe is TopBloc’s Senior Vice President of Delivery. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the delivery experience, including providing executive

 and project management planning and oversight for implementations. Chelsea has nearly 15 years of experience within the Workday ecosystem. She is an accomplished professional with proven sales, client relationship, and project management skills. Her strong technical background enables her to quickly understand the key business issues in a project, identify critical dependencies between the functional and technical workstreams, and clearly communicate a recommended approach to prospects during sales cycles. She has led over 25 complex multinational projects and has a sterling record at delivering these projects on time, on budget, and with high customer satisfaction. As a leader in both her projects and her practices, she has prepared operational plans, built high-performing teams, and mentored staff.

Christopher Ford

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

Christopher Ford is TopBloc’s Co-Head of Customer Experience. He has over two decades of industry experience, having led People Operations teams at both medium and large enterprise global organizations across multiple industries.

Throughout his career, he has been active as an influential leader in the adoption of new technology for more efficient HCM. Christopher specializes in assessing current company-wide global technologies in the context of where the company is, where the company is headed, and what is required to get them there. He creates value through developing systems and process roadmaps to guide companies through the technology implementation process in order to enable them to achieve their goals. Christopher is passionate about Workday; as a People Operations leader, Christopher has led five global full lifecycle Workday implementations. Through his first-hand experience leading high-performance teams through digital employee experience transformation with Workday, Christopher is uniquely qualified to support and influence your company throughout the process of migrating to a Workday solution. At TopBloc, he provides advisory support throughout the implementation process to drive the attainment of customer outcomes and provide a positive customer experience. His experience lends him the unique ability to influence C-suite executives to support global technology initiatives that drive value for the company. As a thought leader, he contributes to many HR and technology forums and mentors several professionals in the industry, including providing valuable advisory services for several companies within the HR ecosystem.

Matt Causey

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

Matt Causey is TopBloc’s Co-Head of Customer Experience, where he focuses on the financial aspects of Workday. Matt has over a decade of experience in financial planning and accounting, working for both accounting firms and private businesses.

Matt began his career as a CPA before transitioning to the client side in 2007, when he joined the San Francisco Giants. Matt has comprehensive experience cultivating strategic partnerships to promote, build, and grow cohesive business practices focused on enhanced profitability and growth. During his time as Vice President of Finance at the San Francisco Giants, he served as liaison for the finance department to senior leaders to drive alignment, advise, and consult in the analysis associated with new business ventures, and implement strategies to increase revenue, optimize cash flow, and efficiently manage expenses. Matt is passionate about growth-focused and high-impact strategic Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) operations. He is skilled in strategic analysis of financial and operational practices, having immense first-hand experience identifying gaps, assessing possible actions, and implementing sustainable solutions. At TopBloc, he specializes in providing transformational leadership advice focused on efficiency and effectiveness to drive enhanced performance and establish best practices. His penchant for developing efficient models has contributed to his advocacy for Workday; Matt was an influential and hands-on leader in the adoption of Workday during his tenure at the Giants, personally overseeing many aspects of the end-to-end implementation of the Workday ERP solution to enhance the organization’s accounting, payroll, and planning performance.

300+ Certified Workday Consultants and Counting…

Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and have amassed expertise that enables them to provide our customers with transformative advice. Our team includes former HR professionals, CPAs, business analysts, and Workday veterans.

In collaborating with TopBloc’s Workday experts, you can trust that the advice, guidance, and insights provided are born from comprehensive product expertise, professional qualifications, and years of industry expertise.

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