What is SmartLoader?

SmartLoader is TopBloc’s one-of-a-kind acceleration technology. It automates data processes, from extraction to validation, to reduce historically manual processes, improve quality, and lessen the resourcing requirements of Workday deployments.

SmartLoader Makes Deploying Workday
Easier & More Enjoyable

At TopBloc, we pride ourselves on our ability to reduce resourcing requirements, enabling clients to remain focused on their business while they gain immediate value from their new Workday platform. We developed SmartLoader to eliminate inefficiencies, lessen menial tasks, streamline manual processes, and deliver accelerated results.

SmartLoader’s technology-driven approach enables our consultants to expedite deployment timelines and pass meaningful savings back to our clients. This means that our customers see their Workday solutions deployed faster with us than they would with other Workday consultants – and they save money through investing in a more efficient use of resources.

SmartLoader enables clients to deploy their tailored Workday solutions more efficiently without sacrificing quality, resulting in:

Faster Timelines

SmartLoader imports legacy data and organizes it into a readable format that can be quickly reviewed, validated, and approved for bulk import into Workday. Features such as automated workbook population save your employees from hours of mundane copying-and-pasting, while preset upload configurations containing TopBloc’s recommendation for best practice setup guide your team through an optimized Workday deployment.

Less Risk

Because SmartLoader does the heavy lifting, you don’t have to worry about human errors such as data being copied over incorrectly, typos, or data duplication. SmartLoader even automates data validation to enable quicker verification and review of workbooks.

Fewer Resourcing Requirements

With key capabilities including push-button tenant migration, SmartLoader makes it easier to manage a transition to Workday with minimal oversight. With SmartLoader, you’ll be able to focus more attention on design decisions and optimizing unique solutions to best suit your business.

Features & Capabilities

SmartLoader makes migration to Workday less resource-intensive by leveraging technology to automate what have historically been manual processes for our clients. Specifically, SmartLoader streamlines the data extraction, migration, verification, and import processes inherent in Workday deployments.

Supported Connections for Automated Data Extraction

SmartLoader accelerates Workday deployment timelines regardless of a client’s legacy system; however for certain platforms SmartLoader may enable further efficiencies and even faster solutions.

The SmartLoader Impact

In addition to features designed to ease the general requirements of Workday deployment, SmartLoader is also configured with unique capabilities to support specific Workday application setups, streamline processes, and optimize solutions.

SmartLoader for Human Capital Management

Features specific to Human Capital Management deployments that enable your organization to more faster.

SmartLoader for Financial Management

Financial Management-specific capabilities that streamline your Workday deployment process.

SmartLoader for Payroll Management

Aspects of the SmartLoader tool designed to ease the transition to a new payroll processing system.


Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions about TopBloc and our SmartLoader tool. Don’t see your specific question here? Email our team and we will be happy to discuss your inquiry in further detail. 

How much time does SmartLoader save customers on average?

The time savings attributable to SmartLoader is dependent on the complexity of the Workday deployments as well as the client’s legacy platforms. SmartLoader provides the most time savings for clients coming from ADP, UKG Pro™ (formerly UltiPro®), Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, or QuickBooks legacy environments. However, regardless of legacy system, SmartLoader makes it easier to manage a transition to Workday with minimal oversight. System agnostic features such as automated workbook validation, bulk upload, and parallel payroll comparison save time on data-related processes, while capabilities such as SmartBundles and tenant migration make it easy to quickly kick-start configurations with preset best practices.

How does SmartLoader handle security? Is my company’s data safe during the automated processing?

SmartLoader never stores data. Instead, it acts as an intermediary to transfer data from SFTP data storage to Workday, simply automating the manual process that is followed in all Workday deployments.

What if the technology makes a mistake?

TopBloc’s SmartLoader has been heavily tested and successful on over 150 client deployments since 2018, so you can be confident in its stability and accuracy.  In practice, we have found that automating processes with technology eliminates mistakes due to human error. Automated transformation bypasses the possibility of typos, duplicated data, and miscopied information. 

Additionally, SmartLoader features several layers of cross-checks to ensure that the data extracted from legacy systems and imported into Workday is accurate. The platform features a number of data validation reports that are designed to catch common input errors. Further, SmartLoader will not allow data to be uploaded into Workday if it fails to pass Workday’s validations. 

What if my company does not currently use ADP, UKG Pro™ (formerly UltiPro®), Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, or QuickBooks? Where does the data come from if SmartLoader cannot extract it from a legacy system?

TopBloc’s team will import the data you have from any legacy system into SmartLoader and begin to populate the workbooks. Even without being able to take advantage of the data extraction feature, SmartLoader saves significant time during the data validation and import processes, materially improving the time it takes to complete Workday deployment. 

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SmartLoader enables clients to deploy Workday solutions more efficiently without sacrificing quality. Learn more about how TopBloc leverages SmartLoader to expedite your Workday deployment.