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Financial Management

Deploy Workday Financial with TopBloc

Partner with TopBloc to transform your finance and accounting systems and optimize your business with a new Workday application built specifically for your organization’s unique needs.

More Than Just a Deployment

TopBloc’s expert team creates a cross-functional experience to allow you to focus on improving processes throughout your deployment. TopBloc works with you to analyze your current accounting architecture, facilitate meaningful design discussions, and provide prescriptive recommendations.

We won’t simply migrate your old system to Workday; our team works with you to transform your business and automate your processes to make them more dynamic, efficient, and scalable.

Demonstrable Expertise You Can Count On

The dedicated team at the core of your deployment is charged with configuring your Workday tenant to your exact specifications. With CPAs accounting for over one-third of our consultants, you can trust TopBloc to provide insights born from comprehensive product expertise, professional qualifications, and years of industry experience. This allows you to rely on our team not only for configuration, but also for consultation toward a deployment as transformative as you would like it to be.

Intentional, Iterative Methodology to Generate Optimized Results

Our knowledgeable consultants will lead you through a three-phase process to onboard, architect, and refine your Workday Financial Management application.

During onboarding, TopBloc will partner with you to identify key information that we will use to transform your legacy data into Workday organizations and worktags. Then, TopBloc will guide you through how your organization can best leverage the Workday architecture. Finally, TopBloc will collaborate with your team to refine your Workday system with iterative updates to ensure that the configuration is optimized, effective, and efficient.

Ready to Deploy Workday?

Our technology-driven solutions reduce timelines and eliminate inefficiencies, enabling clients to focus on their business while they gain immediate value from their new Workday system.

Seeking Workday Support?

Already using Workday for Financial Management and looking for support? Learn how TopBloc can provide supplemental capacity and expertise to help your organization manage your Workday suite of applications.

Ready to Get Started?

TopBloc provides Workday deployment services and flexible, on-demand Workday support. Allow our expert team to show you how Workday can work for you.