SmartLoader Features & Capabilities

SmartLoader for Financial Management

Features Designed to Streamline Financial Management Deployments

In addition to features designed to ease the general requirements of Workday deployment, SmartLoader is also configured with unique capabilities to support specific Workday application setups, streamline processes, and optimize solutions.

Integrations with Common Legacy Systems

Over the years, TopBloc has noticed that many of our clients migrate to Workday from the same systems. With SmartLoader, data related to finance and accounting processes are exported and transformed directly from QuickBooks systems and reports into pre-populated workbooks for load into Workday.

Automatic Conversion of Accounting & Budget Data

Following the export of information from legacy systems, SmartLoader transforms financial master data, including generating budget and accounting data for load into Workday.

SmartLoader makes it easy to load a variety of items into Workday, including accounting journals, budget structure and plan, fiscal schedules, company hierarchy, customer categories, supplier groups, ledger account summaries, and so much more.

Data Validation Streamlines Identification of Possible Errors & Issues

SmartLoader automates data validation to enable quicker verification and review of workbooks. Rather than relying upon your team to cross-check spreadsheets manually, SmartLoader includes features that allow for errors and inconsistencies to be identified automatically.

For Financial Management deployments, SmartLoader runs reports to catch common errors such as missing required data and duplications, while correcting workbook formatting and removing blank rows. The tool’s financials audit feature checks balances against input legacy balances of client accounts to ensure the accuracy of information imported into the new Workday system.

Ready to Get Started?

SmartLoader enables clients to deploy Workday solutions more efficiently without sacrificing quality. Learn more about how TopBloc leverages SmartLoader to expedite your Workday deployment.