Supported Connections

Already Impressive Timelines Made Faster

SmartLoader expedites timelines for deployments, regardless of the system an organization is transitioning away from. However, for certain legacy systems, SmartLoader makes the move even easier.

Supported Connections for Faster Data Migration

SmartLoader automatically extracts client data directly from ADP, UKG Pro™ (formerly UltiPro®), Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and QuickBooks and uses that data to pre-populate workbooks for load into Workday. For clients migrating away from these legacy systems, SmartLoader enables TopBloc to achieve the fastest Workday deployments times in the industry.

This automated extraction not only jump-starts discovery discussions and tenant builds, but also eliminates manual handling of client data from legacy systems to TopBloc templates, reducing the probability of data integrity issues.

Platform-Agnostic Timeline Improvements

SmartLoader offers many system-agnostic features that lessen menial tasks and streamline manual processes to deliver accelerated results. Automated data validation, pre-set reports and dashboards, and features such as tenant migration offer clients expedited timelines regardless of which system they are transitioning away from.

SmartLoader enables TopBloc’s customers to see their Workday solutions deployed faster with us than they would with other Workday consultants — and to save money through investing in a more efficient use of resources.

Ready to get started?

SmartLoader enables clients to deploy Workday solutions more efficiently without sacrificing quality. Learn more about how TopBloc leverages SmartLoader to expedite your Workday deployment.