Features & Capabilities

A Tool for Efficiency

At TopBloc, we pride ourselves on our ability to drastically reduce resourcing requirements, enabling clients to remain focused on their business while they gain immediate value from their new Workday platform. We developed SmartLoader to eliminate inefficiencies, lessen menial tasks, streamline manual processes, and deliver accelerated results. With SmartLoader, you’ll be able to focus more attention on design decisions and optimizing unique solutions to best suit your business.

Move Quickly with Automated Data Extraction, Transformation & Loading Capabilities

SmartLoader extracts and imports data from legacy systems and organizes it into a readable format that can be quickly reviewed and approved for bulk import into Workday. Features such as automated workbook population save your employees from hours of mundane copying-and-pasting, while reducing the risk of human error from typos or data duplication. By automating these processes, SmartLoader quickens the pace of Workday deployments and makes it easier to manage a transition to Workday with minimal oversight.

Robust Data Verification Reduces Risk of Errors

SmartLoader automates data validation to enable quicker verification and review of workbooks. Rather than relying upon your team to cross-check spreadsheets manually, SmartLoader includes features that allow for errors and inconsistencies to be identified automatically. SmartLoader searches for common issues and missing information to enable a comprehensive analysis of workbook accuracy to be completed within hours, rather than days.

Confidently Personalize Your Setup with SmartBundles & Preset Configuration Suggestions

SmartBundles is a SmartLoader feature that allows clients to quickly kick-start their deployment with a set of pre-loaded configurations. These include both foundational setup suggestions with TopBloc’s recommendation for best practices, as well as configurations specific to a client’s industry and location, which have been successful in a variety of historic builds. The SmartBundle configurations help to save time while guiding your team through an optimized Workday deployment. With these presets, your organization can confidently focus your energy on tailoring your Workday setup to suit your organization’s unique workflows.

Pre-Load Custom Reports Built to Assist in Analyzing Your Workday Setup

SmartLoader contains several features designed to assist your team in easily managing your Workday system once it goes live. While Workday already includes numerous delivered dashboards and reports, SmartLoader supplements this with additional analytics tools to help customers analyze their data and business processes. Additionally, SmartLoader offers pre-configured templates and guided tours for common Workday processes.

Duplicate Configurations Easily with Tenant Migration

SmartLoader can be used to reduce the time spent migrating data from one tenant to another. Whether moving an entire build from a foundation tenant to an E2E tenant or a single object from sandbox to production, SmartLoader enables you to quickly duplicate data for faster builds.

Additionally, the tenant migration feature also includes an extraction report. This displays selected objects and their dependencies, in addition to a compare report that displays differences between the two tenants, allowing for a quick overview of changes.

The SmartLoader Impact

In addition to features designed to ease the general requirements of Workday deployment, SmartLoader is also configured with unique capabilities to support specific Workday application setups, streamline processes, and optimize solutions.

SmartLoader for Human Capital Management

Features specific to Human Capital Management deployments that enable your organization to move faster.

SmartLoader for Financial Management

Financial Management-specific capabilities that streamline your Workday deployment process.

SmartLoader for Payroll Management

Aspects of the SmartLoader tool designed to ease the transition to a new payroll processing system.

Ready to Get Started?

SmartLoader enables clients to deploy Workday solutions more efficiently without sacrificing quality. Learn more about how TopBloc leverages SmartLoader to expedite your Workday deployment.