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What Is TopBloc’s SmartLoader Technology?

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If you’re considering a Workday deployment, the technology of your potential service partner should be a major consideration. You want efficient, advanced resources that will move you in the right direction and remove any unnecessary work and inefficiencies. But not every piece of technology is created equal. 

In this guide, we talk about what different system integrator (SI) partners are doing, and why TopBloc’s SmartLoader tool generates transformational results.

The Major Differences Between Workday Services Partners

First, let’s talk about the differences between Workday Services Partners. There are many to choose from and each offers their own unique benefits; some specialize in advisory services, some focus on the speed of deployment, some offer specialty tools to ease the transition to Workday, and a few (like TopBloc) can provide all three. 

While many Workday Services Partners claim to leverage technology to enhance your Workday experience, not all tools are created equally. When you’re evaluating different SI partners, you should have a complete understanding of the technology they are using and its impact on your deployment. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What is your company’s technology strategy? 
  • How does your company continually improve upon its technology?
  • What kind of technology resources do you use for deployment?
  • What are your clients saying about the technology?

Several firms offer tools that assist with menial tasks such as data validation, but can these tools automate the entire extract, transform, and load (ETL) process? Do they offer templates and their own Workday-specific resources that help customers gather data in a particular way? Enter SmartLoader.

What is SmartLoader?

Here at TopBloc, we’d like to introduce you to SmartLoader — our one-of-a-kind acceleration technology. There’s nothing like it on the market. 

SmartLoader automates data processes, from extraction to validation, to reduce historically manual processes and lessen the resourcing requirements of Workday deployments. It automatically extracts, validates, and loads data from legacy systems to your Workday tenant so that you don’t have to sift through filters and reports to manually pull the information you need; instead you can focus your time on more high-value tasks to tailor your Workday solution to best suit your organization’s unique needs. 

SmartLoader enables TopBloc to expedite timelines and pass meaningful savings back to our clients. Our customers see their Workday solutions deployed faster with us than they would with other Workday consultants — and they save money through investing in a more efficient use of resources.

SmartLoader is transformational. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Easier & More Enjoyable Deployments

We know your time is valuable. SmartLoader can help reduce resourcing requirements, which enables you to focus on your business and gain immediate value from your new Workday platform. We developed SmartLoader to:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies 
  • Lessen menial tasks
  • Streamline manual processes
  • Deliver accelerated results

Faster Timelines

SmartLoader imports legacy data and organizes it into an easy-to-use format that you can quickly review, validate, and approve for bulk import into Workday. Tasks that might take a full week to complete manually can be automated and finalized in a few hours.

Less Risk

Have you ever incorrectly copied over data or duplicated an entry? Typos happen when manually transferring data from one spreadsheet to another. Using SmartLoader means you don’t have to worry about human errors. The technology even automates data validation to call attention to common errors and mistakes and enable quick verification and review of workbooks.

Fewer Resourcing Requirements

SmartLoader makes it easier to transition to Workday, which means you can focus more attention on business decisions and optimize unique solutions to move toward your goals.

How Can SmartLoader Help You?

SmartLoader enables clients to deploy their tailored Workday solutions more efficiently without sacrificing quality, resulting in faster timelines, less risk, and fewer resourcing requirements. This technology allows you to eliminate unnecessary work and human errors so that you can focus on your business. 

In addition to automating the ETL process, SmartLoader is equipped with a variety of features to enable clients to make the most of their investment in Workday. One example of this is SmartBundles, a SmartLoader feature that allows clients to quickly kick-start their deployment with a set of pre-loaded configurations. These include both foundational setup suggestions with TopBloc’s recommendation for best practices, as well as configurations specific to a client’s industry and location, which have been successful in a variety of historic builds. The SmartBundle configurations help to save time while guiding your team through an optimized Workday deployment. 

Additionally, SmartLoader offers capabilities specific to certain Workday applications.

SmartLoader for Human Capital Management offers pre-configured guided tours and templates for common Workday HCM processes, such as facilitating job change or termination and posting a job opening. 

SmartLoader for Financial Management transforms financial master data, including generating budget and accounting data for load into Workday. 

And SmartLoader for Payroll Management compares payroll results between Workday and the legacy system, effectively streamlining the often-cumbersome parallel testing process. TopBloc continually invests in SmartLoader to add on even more capabilities that make deploying and managing Workday easier for our clients.

The results speak for themselves — our clients have found great success with SmartLoader, and we’d be happy to tell you more. Contact us today for additional information or to get started with TopBloc.